Professionals and caregivers

SOM Care's solution and robots are used in…

Sheltered housing

Residences and hospitals

Advanced remote assistance

Home assistance services

Day centers

Senior centers

Give support to the staff dedicated to caring for people and be able to be more efficient in their work

Facilitate remote communications to optimize time and improve communication with users

Access relevant information to carry out their work with maximum guarantees

User history tracking to make data-driven decisions

Receiving alerts so you can act quickly

Receive notifications to be able to act preventively

Beneficiaries and use cases

Healthcare professionals

  • Communicate with the person through the robot at any time and in an easy way.
  • Personalized monitoring of the physical and emotional state, adapted to the needs of each patient.
  • Know in a preventive way how the person feels and be able to act proactively.

Beneficiaries and use cases

Professional caregivers

  • Access the updated history of actions of the attended person at any time.
  • Receive notifications about changes in the planning of assigned tasks.
  • Delegate follow-up tasks to the robot and be able to dedicate more time to people who require more attention.

Beneficiaries and use cases


  • Receive alerts if the person needs help at a given time.
  • Be informed about the person’s health status.
  • Gain tranquility and well-being.