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Temi is a 100% autonomous personal robot assistant with AI, developed to improve people’s quality of life thanks to its multiple functionalities.
Temi can recognize people and follow them around if so required, thanks to spacial recognition. Supports multiple integration possibilities with health or home devices and sensors. Real time assistance, support and surveillance.


Improve people’s quality of life by tracking their evolution without their families constant presence. Connect multiple health devices to prevent high-risk situations and connect with family members and care-takers.

Nursing homes

Facilitate nursing care through technology and lower employees’ workload. Track residents’ health status with Temi, thanks to its ability to register health history.

Day centers

Create healthy habits with reminders and tracking of residents. Carry out rehabilitation and physical activity programs by connecting multiple devices. Personalized tracking and interaction for all users.

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Solutions of advanced assistance for education, logistics and more, with connected IoT devices. SOM Care is an assistance and surveillance platform developed to accompany dependant people with robots and wearables.
The platform allows connection with multiple devices and measurement equipment for control and tracking.
Real-time control to prevent high-risk situations and provide a high-quality service.

In combination with Medisana Connect products, the robot guarantees complete control over relevant health indicators. All the Connect products are connected to the robot through the Vitadock+ app and allow for an improved and automized tracking of vital signs. With the integrated VitaDock+ app, all of the tracked indicators, such as blood pressure, body temperature, pulse, blood oxygen, weight, percentage of body fat, percentage of body water, muscle mass or bone mass, which are registered and stored chronologically.