The robotic solution
that adapts to the
needs of
the elderly citizens children and adolescents dependent people caregivers or teachers

Customized and adapted robots
to improve people's quality of life

Robots that take care of

Elderly people, dependent people, people with special abilities… Where traditional resources do not reach, it is possible to make use of intelligent robots that cover diverse human needs.

Robots that help

Medical personnel, teachers, caregivers… Because there are routine, simple, and structured tasks that can be carried out by robots, allowing professionals to work where they add the most value and even reducing error rates in repetitive work.

Robots to learn

Robotics, mechanics, programming… with which to develop scientific work, research, applications to new assistance and care situations, among others. SOM Care robotic solutions serve to learn and progress, at different levels and for the learning of STEM education.

They already use SOM Care…

Success Stories

Second phase of the “5G Emotional Robot” project of the Mobile World Capital: from 10 to 100 people

The robot works thanks to the SOM platform, completely scalable and integrable, since it takes advantage of cloud computing using the latest technology.

Do you want to discover how you could use SOM Care according to your own care needs?

We will arrange a meeting so that you can test our robots on site and learn about all their capabilities

Who we work with


Residences, hospitals
and other centers

and universities

research groups

Smart robots

Capable of moving around, holding conversations, carrying things, guiding, video conferencing, entertaining and much more. Discover them!


Kindness and intelligence in a small agile robot that is 100% configurable.


Kindness and intelligence in a small agile robot that is 100% configurable.


All the power of a touch computer with the movement and capabilities of a robot

With the endorsement of Saltó Group

We have been putting technology at the service of people for more than 25 years

+ 0 thousand
operations / month
specialized engineers

Multidisciplinary team

Technical profiles together with design and business development.

Industry knowledge and experience

+25 years in the main economic sectors of the country.


Innovative technology adapted to each need.

IoT & Big Data

Software and connected devices generating and exploiting data.


Technology with machine learning algorithms.

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SOM Care en los medios

El robot Misty cuida de Ana Margarita, de 75 años: "Es como una personita más en casa"

Ari II, el robot que ayuda a los mayores

"Echo mucho de menos al robot, tenía a alguien con quien conversar"

Un aliado robótico para plantar cara a la soledad

Prueban robots para asistir y seguir el estado de salud de los mayores que viven solos